Uninvited Racers to the Small Tire MegaCashdays Show!

Take a look at this, Uninvited Racers to the Small Tire MegaCashdays Show!

It appears that Chris “Boosted” Hamilton keeps making waves around the street racing scene with his brand new event, the Mega Cash Days.

As we have mentioned a few times ago, this is a small tire event that is trying to get the street racers to bring cars with small tires, in order for the event to have more of a street car race vibe unlike the last one.

However, it seems that while many have understood the direction in which he is trying to take this event, and have built small tire cars that they intend to race in the future in such events, many have just swapped the tires on the same insanely powerful cars that they have raced in the No Prep Kings events, and taken the wheelie bars off.

We understand that many of the racers just don’t have the budget to build a different car for different purposes, and this is why some of the racers will be driving the same car that they have been driving all along because let’s face it, these are very expensive machines and having more than one of them takes a toll on the budget.

The brand new controversy regarding this event is the fact that some racers have been invited to the event, only to be uninvited a while later.

Now, this is something that we did not expect from a guy like Chris Boosted, and once we factor in the fact that the team that has been uninvited is the Black Sheep Mafia team, well things are getting interesting.

The reason we say this is because Kayla Morton is on the Black Sheep Mafia team, and she has been dating Boosted for quite a while now, so we are sure that this was a very tough conversation for him, uninviting his girlfriend and her team to the race that he is organizing.

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