Wait a Minute, HOW Does this Truck get TRACTION?!

Wow, Wait a Minute, HOW Does this Truck get TRACTION?!

Many times we have seen vehicles that are not supposed to be good at something and yet here they are performing incredibly well and fighting in the same league as the best in the class.

One of them surely is Steve Wiley’s blown S10, a truck which is doing incredibly well in a field that when it was first constructed back in the factory, drag racing was at the bottom of its strong points.

Today we catch up with Steve at the Bounty Hunters no-prep event where he and his 521 Hemi beast are shooting for the top thanks to the 1471 Blower.

Apparently Steve and his team did something right since this bad boy S10 is getting some incredible traction which is taking him all the way to the final.

Check out the video and let him explain what it the setup and how they managed to get all that power down on this slippery surface.

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