What is Boosted GT from “Street Outlaws” Doing Now?

Well, we all want to know what is Boosted GT from “Street Outlaws” Doing Now? Right?

Boosted GT, a prominent figure in the street racing scene, has made a name for himself through his intense passion and love for the sport. Long before his appearance on the popular show “Street Outlaws,” Boosted GT had already gained a significant audience and following in the local street racing community. However, his participation in the show expanded his reach and solidified his position as a notable street racer.

With the show’s success, Boosted GT’s role evolved beyond being a contestant. He became the host and race master for “No Prep Kings” and “Mega Cash Days” events, taking on the responsibility of organizing and overseeing these thrilling racing competitions. These events attracted a wide range of participants from across the country, making them bigger and more exciting than ever before.

While the show brought street racing back into the spotlight, it also faced its fair share of controversy. Concerns were raised by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) regarding the illegal nature and associated dangers of street racing. As a result, the show included a disclaimer emphasizing that the races depicted were conducted within controlled environments with strict safety protocols in place.

Despite the controversy, the success of “No Prep Kings” became indisputable. Boosted GT proudly stated that it had become the largest and most popular form of drag racing, boasting impressive viewership, generous payouts, and enthusiastic attendance. The unique aspect of no prep races, held on tracks resembling unprepared streets, heightened the excitement for both drivers and spectators.

In the world of “Street Outlaws,” clashes between competitors are not limited to the race track. During the third season of “No Prep Kings,” tensions escalated between Boosted GT and Chuck, the previous race master, resulting in a physical altercation right at the starting line. Although the scuffle was eventually diffused, the incident marked a significant change in the once strong friendship between the two.

Apart from his involvement in the show, Boosted GT’s personal life also attracted attention. He was rumored to have broken up with Kayla Morton, another prominent figure in the street racing scene. However, their Instagram posts suggested a possible reconciliation, indicating that they were still together in early 2023. Their shared love for racing and understanding of the lifestyle forged a deep bond between them.

During his downtime, Boosted GT turned to vlogging, recognizing YouTube as a powerful platform to share information and provide entertainment. Although he had only recently started actively using his channel, he aimed to create engaging content for street racing enthusiasts. Through his vlogs, he provided behind-the-scenes insights into “Street Outlaws” and addressed controversies that arose during races, dispelling misconceptions.

Looking ahead, Boosted GT’s schedule is packed with racing events for the year 2023. As the race master for “No Prep Kings,” he will continue to oversee races held in various locations across the country. Additionally, he and his colleagues plan to organize more events to engage with fans and identify new talents within the street racing community.

Boosted GT’s passion for all forms of drag racing, whether it be the electrifying “No Prep Kings” or NHRA events, is undeniable. He remains a dedicated street racer and event host, constantly striving to push the limits of speed and excitement. Boosted GT’s journey from a local street racer to a beloved figure on “Street Outlaws” showcases his determination and love for the sport, inspiring fans and fellow racers alike.

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