Wicked 1968 Charger Blows Up – What Went Wrong!?

Take a look at this, Wicked 1968 Charger Blows Up – What Went Wrong!?

Once again we join Nick Panaritis the owner of Indy Auto as he tries to solve a mystery with one of his muscle cars, a 1968 Charger with a 440 under the hood which had such terrible back fire issues that it actually blew the intake gasket.

The problems with the car started after the owner decided to get rid of the carburetors and install a fuel injection system, an installation that he probably messed up because the car started developing back fire issues.

After the last explosion of back fire, he decided that the first thing that he needed to check was the compression on the cylinders and guess what he found, cylinder number 4 had zero compression which meant that he definitely needs to take the engine apart.

Join Nick as he takes this engine apart in order to solve the mystery and see what went wrong with this engine and what caused it.


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