WILD Big Block Nova WHEELSTAND – Killer Peddle Job!

Take a look at this, WILD Big Block Nova WHEELSTAND – Killer Peddle Job!

His name is Tony Whitmore and today we meet him behind the wheel of his gorgeous Big Block Nitrous Nova during the event held at the Tulsa Raceway Park which is located in Tulsa Oklahoma named 2020 Spring Throwdown in T-Town.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this motion picture is worth even more especially as it shows Tony driving the wheels of his Nitrous Nova, or at least the back wheels of it since this thing pulls a huge wheelie off the line.

Apparently, Tony is familiar with starring at the stars while taking off the line, because there is not a thing that he does wrong during this takeoff.

After a second, all that he can see out of his windshield is stars and obviously he is so used to this that as you are about to witness he slams down on the “go pedal” while his wheels are in midair, helping them meet the ground softly.

This is a skill that has to be seen so check out the video.

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