World’s Best DAD Takes Son On a Nitrous Pass Down The Truck!

World’s Best DAD Takes Son On a Nitrous Pass Down The Truck!

There are thousands of memes out there saying how if you teach your kid to love cars, he will never have money for drugs, and we agree with them since we, gearheads know that our most expensive addiction is cars, and every buck we make we tend to turn it into fuel, or car performance parts.

It seems the father of this kid is also on his way to teach his son the love of cars since he decided to take him along in a drag race in which the kid will be able to feel the full force of acceleration of his car at the track.

From the kids reaction it is obvious that he won’t be forgetting this ride for quite a while and it will the highpoint of the month or probably the year as he giggles screams and laughs with pleasure due to the fact they are winning the race.

You just have to see the priceless reaction of this kid. Play the video HERE and tell us what’s your thoughts about this…. If you have some videos similar to this, feel free to share with us and we’ll publish it on our site. Enjoy.


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