Worlds Quickest and Fastest Radial Small Block!!!

This is Worlds Quickest and Fastest Radial Small Block!!!

Competing with a radial tire against the “big boys” in a class where most of the cars that line up against you are made for racing from scratch, with purpose built tube chassis just for racing is one of the most expensive adventures a man can make they say.

Some even call it a fight between radial and your wallet during which most of the time the wallet wins the fight.

So to find a guy like Marty Stinnett who one day appeared at the racing track with a vehicle which no offence everybody thought is far less capable than the rest of the competition is a true refreshment.

The good thing is that once they started racing he started to eliminate all of the “big boys” and amazed the entire playing field as well as the crowd.

So let us show you the video where he and his small block Mustang got the attention of all everybody in his radial class.

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