COPO Camaro Barn Find vs COPO 427 Camaro Drag Race!!

Take look at this awesome battle, COPO Camaro Barn Find vs COPO 427 Camaro Drag Race!!

It is one of those races that you just hope you stumble upon because both of these cars have been featured all over the internet and they are very popular, but in fact aside from their similar names, the philosophy of both builds was totally different.

Now as always we will not tell you the result but we will tell you to take a peek at the start and the lights because to us it looks like the car in the left lane jumped the lights, and we all know that there should be a red light but we did not see it.

Whoever was recording the video could have zoomed in on the results as they crossed the line but it seems that maybe they are doing this for the first time, and there’s room for improvement. 

Check out this great close race and tell us, do you think the car on the left jumped or not?

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