1400HP Turbo Silverado Extended Cab?! The Heavy Chevy!!

See this 1400HP Turbo Silverado Extended Cab?! The Heavy Chevy!!

His name is Jeremy and he is the proud owner of this incredible 1400hp street legal Chevy Silverado that has a turbo charger about the size of its steering wheel.

This machine is not all talk and has been proven, by putting down 1250 horsepower at the wheels on a dyno which proves that the huge turbo charger is not there just for show, hell after watching the video we don’t think anything on this truck is there just for show, since it all has its purpose.

On the subject of proving its power, the personal best for this vehicle as an amazing run of [email protected] miles per hour which for a truck of this size is something you don’t see every day.

To find out much more about this amazing truck and to see it in action check out the video bellow and enjoy some hard pulls, and yes, we do agree with you that in a truck as powerful as this one they could have at least put their seat belts on.

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