Big Chief Crow Loses a Door vs Doc Street Beast !!

Check this, Big Chief Crow Loses a Door vs Doc Street Beast during race !!

We have all heard the expression “blowing the doors off” but this time it appears that Chief took that thing quite literally, with the only exception that he blew his own door off.

This Monday night event brought all the stars of the world famous show Street Outlaws to the legendary Thunder Valley Raceway located in Bristol Tennessee for a NoPrep event that had a $100,000 purse for the taking.

We all know that this kind of cash will bring all the real players of the NoPrep game so great attendance form the racers and the audience was guaranteed.

As always the stars of the Discovery show mad sure there is extreme entertainment but nobody expected flying doors to be a part of the program.

Check out the video of this incredible occurrence bellow and see The Crow shed some feathers, or rather shed a door as a special weight loss project.

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