1968 Plymouth Roadrunner Discovered Sinking Into the Ground!!

Take a look at this, 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner Discovered Sinking Into the Ground!!

Unfortunately, we did not like the tittle of the video either because all of us want to see these cars on the road somewhere, rather than sinking into the ground, meaning that they are left with nobody to care for them and give them the proper love they deserve.

The car is located in southwest Tennessee and that’s where our regular classic car specialist, Patrick Nichols is at right now, at the property where apart from this 1968 Roadrunner there are a few other MOPARS laying around.

Some of them are in awesome shape and look nearly ready to hit the road, while some are not that lucky and look like they need quite some work before you can even get them to start, let alone drive them.

So sit back and let Patrick take you on a great tour around the property and tell you much more about these great cars.

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  • My dad’s 68 Roadrunner has been sinking in the ground as well since the mid 70’s. A 383 4-speed in blue. Not much left but I got plenty of pics if you’re interested in crying with me. Lol

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