Banning Lockup Converters in No Prep Kings!!

Check this, Banning Lockup Converters in No Prep Kings!!

If there is one thing that has separated the third season from the other two when it comes to different technology used on the cars, then it would have to be the Lockup Convertors.

Who was the first one to use it was never disclosed, but it was the legend of racing Pat Musi who managed to incorporate the lockup in his two cars, driven by his daughter Lizzy Musi and her boyfriend Kye Kelley, to perfection and beat all the others in the first half of the season.

Next thing you know Ryan Martin is scrambling to get one installed in the Fireball Camaro just to be able to keep up with the Pat Musi powered couple.

There is now talk of banning these types of converters in the No Prep Kings championship and how would that effect the championship.

So check out the newest No Prep news episode and see what the deal is with the lockup.


  • Kye Kelly and Lizzy Ryan Martin and Big Chef was all talking about if they was using or wasnt using who tire shook and all and it came down to Ryan and Lizzy in final I believe and Ryan went to Big Chef and asked his opinion in one of No Prep episodes so yes those four have them I haven’t heard anyone else talking about them. I believe it should be run what you brung and quit casting it if 405 doesn’t have enough then they need to step up dont make rules to protect them not disrespecting anyone just saying. You have to be the fastest in order to be able to say you are the fastest that being said there isn’t one car there on the show that isn’t a bad hot rod.

    • I was thinking that when he that comment about how Lizzy and Kye almost beat Ryan so get rid of lockup converters Ryan definitely went to. How’d and asked if he should use his so Ryan definitely has it too not sure why no one thinks he does when he clearly said he did lol.

  • If you watched NPK you would know that kye and lizzy said they did also big chief runs a lock up converter cause ryan went to him to figure out how to use one and his thoughts on it I say let them run them if they want to lizzy was having problems with hers making the car have tire shake or kicking it sideways if anything they need to figure out whether or not it’s safe

  • About the whole thing with changing the rules to fit the 405 guys how come the turbo, pro charger, or anything but nitrous can only have a certain c.i. motor and has to weight more than the nitrous car. So anyone running nitrous can have any size motor and have a lighter car, if they are gona have rules I think they should b the same for every car no matter what power adder they run

  • Npk is for the 405 as much as they can get a way with they can’t make the 405 win but can make it easier from round to round and need Chuck Mr gt gone need some one else to run the npk races

  • Hear from Underdog racing
    We thinking that the 405 Oklahoma is scared, and think they need to change their s*** up to compete with everybody else. Nobody should have to change just so the 405 can keep up. We all know the 405 started out just like us little guy’s ,running 5.? Then Discovery came along .Now the 405 is running 4.? And as fast as 3.? Come on now, looks like Discovery going to have to step up and spend more money that’s my side of it.

  • One thing I think they need to do is get rid of the call outs. That is stupid and is ruining the show. Draw a pill and race who u draw that’s it.

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