Derek/The Silver Unit Goes Procharger – Street Race Talk Episode 207

Once again Sim covers the controversies that are raging on the internet about the faith of the Midwest
Street Cars, and tell us all sorts of different opinions on the matter, and some of them include former
employees like Phantom, who it seems that has already changed his employment status on Facebook,
saying that he is no longer a part of the Midwest Street Cars team.

As for the main topic, some of you might not even remember him, since he has not been on the Street
Outlaws show for quite a while and most of the guys that are following the show, have nearly forgotten
This guy has been in the street racing business before it was made popular by the show, and he has
been racing on the streets of the 405 longer than many can remember, so is he coming back to the 405
Well as always, check out the video and find out more.

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