Chucks New Small Tire Car For No Prep Kings!!

Check this, Chucks New Small Tire Car For No Prep Kings!!

Many of us have not read the entire rulebook for the No Prep Kings and that is quite all right because most of us just want to see some racing and would rather leave the important decisions to the governing body of the No Prep Kings.

Then again many of us would like to know more about the stuff that is going on with the cars, and would like to know the technology that is being used and what does that mean.

For example, we have all heard that the turbo cars have scramble button but do you know what it does?

Many have thought that this means there is nitrous sprayed in the engine, while in fact, the way the Scramble Button works, is it actually shuts the waste gate close thus pushing all the boost that the turbo charger makes straight into the engine, allowing it to make maximum power.

So check out what else you missed as Sim tells you more about the No Prep Kings championship and their rules.

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