383 Stroker Chevy Chevelle Runs Up On a 2009 Mustang GT!

Take a look how this 383 Stroker Chevy Chevelle Runs Up On a 2009 Mustang GT!

One of the best things about owning a car that you love is going on a drive with it, and we are afraid that people have been so busy lately that people don’t go for a drive anymore, we are so focused on our careers and our goals that we tend to miss out on life.

We take on so many choirs that we don’t make time to enjoy the things that we love, and we are not talking about taking the long way home from work, or from the mall, we are talking about leaving the house with no real destination in mind and just getting in your car and driving where the road takes you and maybe make an memorable time out of it.

The video bellow is something that we are talking about, going on a drive and meeting other pony car drivers and taking the time to see how the two cars stack up against each other.

Check out the video and see how these guys get to have fun with their muscle cars.

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