Incredible CHEVY II NOVA RANCH in Tulsa Oklahoma!!

Take a look at this Incredible CHEVY II NOVA RANCH in Tulsa Oklahoma!!

There are some cars that mean the world to some people and they devote their entire life on anything that is connected to those cars, and at times out of all that love, comes a possibility to make an honest buck from it and those are probably the happiest people to get up in the morning and go to work, knowing that they get to do what they love.

We take you to Tulsa Oklahoma in the following video to show you such love in real life where the Chevy II Nova Ranch is located.

Here you can trade sell buy anything that you can think of that involves these cars be it they are Hardtops, Sedans, Wagons or Convertibles, from a couple of fellows named Greg Givens and Tony Record who at the moment own about 40 or 50 cars and tons of pars, so if you are passing by and even if you are not in the market, you should stop by and check them out.


  • Do you have the window revel trim for 67 two door coupe? The front two doors and rear quarter windows.

  • My husband is searching for 1966 supersport trim. Specifically the extension moldings that go behind the rear wheels.

  • Hi, i am looking for a 1966 nova coupe, drip rail molding for the right side, that goes over the a post and screws in under neath, i have left side, i think its the left.

  • Hello, i have a 63 2 dr hardtop model 400. i’m missing the 2 small emblems that are on the inside of each door. they are located just below the door glass and are about 2 or so inches long . if you have these ,that would complete my interior. Thank you.

  • I need a antenna that mounts in the cowl, and the center trim on the hood for a 64 nova.

    Thanks, Duane Hawkes
    316 207 5680

  • Do ya’ll have the two Chevy 2 300 series emblems that go on both rear quarter panels and the trim that goes around the two taillights and the trunk lid?

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