5 Muscle Cars Found In Storage Building Parked 40 Years!!

Take a look at this, 5 Muscle Cars Found In Storage Building Parked 40 Years!!

We take you to southwestern Tennessee where once again we got Patrick Nichols who’s about to show us a nice stash of cars that have been parked for quite a while, and maybe not in this same location but they have been on the same property for more than 40 years.

The group of cars in this building consists of a numbers matching Hi Perf 1969 SS396 L78 Chevelle whose odometer has stopped at 63 thousand miles, not one, but two 197 SS396 Chevelles whose numbers match all and a pair of Monte Carlo SS from 1987 and 1988.

Considering the stash of cars that we have in this building and Patrick’s knowledge of American Classic Muscle cars, we truly cannot think of anybody that should raise the door, show us in, and start telling us about these cars, so let’s play the video and let him take us on a tour.

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