700hp Ford GT vs 600hp Supra Turbo on the Road Race!!!

Check this, 700hp Ford GT vs 600hp Supra Turbo on fly Street Race!!!

Before you skip the video let us tell you that this is not the brand new Supra which is “based” on the BMW Z4, and when we say based we do mean that they are almost the same vehicle since they are sharing the platform, the powertrain, suspension components even including stuff in the interior like the multimedia system.

This is the older, real Supra and it meets a real American Muscle car on the road, the Ford GT.

The reincarnation of the legendary Ford that managed to beat Ferrari on their stomping ground, at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race back in the mid ‘60s.

There have been some modifications to both cars and most of us know how fast a modified Supra can be, but will it be faster than the thoroughbred American Muscle car?

As always we are not going to spoil the fun so check out the video and find out.

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