745 hp Hellcat Swapped Chevy C10 Truck!!!

Check this, 745 hp Hellcat Swapped Chevy C10 Truck!!!

As soon as it came out we knew that whenever one of those Hellcat’s gets wrapped around a tree or has significant body damage, there will be people seeing an opportunity by using the drivetrain to power something interesting and what is more interesting than a 745 horsepower Chevy C10.

This thing has a kind of a cartoonish look to it especially with that adjustable suspension which allows it to drop nearly to the pavement once it is parked, and we must add the with way that this thing makes instant power, this is a real party peace and a real burnout machine.

This thing is basically a burnout/tire shredding machine which will reduce a brand new tire to garbage in one afternoon if you try a bit harder.

This clean and very powerful ride is something that we really like so check out the video and see just how fast this thing is, and how good is sounds.

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