Reaper 2 is Going to be more Powerful than Ever!!!

Take a look at this, Reaper 2 is Going to be more Powerful than Ever!!!

You would think that Reaper is once again trying to keep up with the competition, and this is why he is building a brand new car just like everybody else for next season of No Prep Kings, whenever it is held (hopefully soon).

Turns out that the car that we have been seeing all over the place is a chassis that was started by his brother about two years ago, now we were not expecting that twist to be honest.

The setup is nothing surprising since we all know Reaper loves prochargers so this car being a procharger car is something that we were expecting while we didn’t expect that the engine that is currently in this chassis actually came from the Reaper car which we all know.

According to Reaper the car makes between 2 900 and 3 000 horsepower which is quite the number for a street car, and he also tells us that those are not “Internet” numbers, but real ones as he tends to make fun of guys who declare their cars much more powerful.

So check out the video and see all the other interesting things he has to say about his new ride.

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