Jeff Lutz’s New Car For No Prep Kings!!!

Check this news, Jeff Lutz’s New Car For No Prep Kings!!!

As you have probably heard by now, Daddy Dave, Jeff Lutz, Ryan Martin and Doc (so far) are on the list which shows which guys have a brand new car that is specifically built for No Prep Kings racing, and that on the other hand does rise a question, will guys with smaller budgets still be able to stay in the race, or will they simply not be fast enough to qualify?

We all know that not every team and racer out there has the budget that the top teams have and some of them are not able to build or purchase a car that is ready for this type of competition, however that doesn’t mean that they should be left behind.

In order to find out more about this as well as all the other news that are surrounding No Prep Kings we suggest that you best play the video and hear what Sim has for you this week.

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