Bad to the bone Twin Turbo Hemi Jet Boat Lake Test !!!

Check this Bad to the bone Twin Turbo Hemi Jet Boat Lake Test !!!

We are sure you know Mike Finnegan since he starred in the mega popular show Roadkill along with his buddy David Freiburger and they seemed to be able to have fun no matter how bad the situation got with the cars that they were (mostly) trying to take a road trip in.

Understandably, Finnegan’s Garage is kind of a spinoff of their original show and in it he has built something incredible, an actual drag racing jet boat which is powered by a twin turbo HEMI engine, something that clearly makes incredible power figures, and today, he is going to lake-test it and see what he has done right and what he has messed up.

We all know that Mike is a very competent builder however not all of us are sure of his boat building abilities and this might get pretty interesting pretty fast, and if you have watched a few episodes of Roadkill you know what we are talking about, so check out the video and see what happens.


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