Nitrous Nova Spins 360 in Crazy No Prep Crash!!

Take a look at this, Nitrous Nova Spins 360 in Crazy No Prep Crash!!

The battle of Alamo is in our sights once again as we join the fun watching an orange Nitrous Nova go against Bad Intentions in a grudge race.

This No Prep event gathered many of the local racers as well as racer from across the country which had enough of their winter break and could not wait to get in their cars and make a few runs.

Unfortunately, as you already know the gorgeous Nitrous Nova did not survive the weekend with no damage and after a few runs it ended up in the wall, due to a fuel leak, which even ignited once it made contact with the track.

We always hate to see cars end up in the wall or get any kind of damage however that is the nature of this sport and drivers will keep pushing their vehicles to the limit and beyond in order to get to that finish line faster than the guy in the next lane.

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