Two 1959 El Caminos Found Rotting in the Woods!!!

Check this, Two 1959 El Caminos Found Rotting in the Woods!!!

Unfortunately, the cars that you are about to see look like they are a bit past the saving mark, and that is too bad because for the most part we like to bring you stuff that is actually worth saving and has much more than just sentimental value, however today it looks like we are just a bit too late for these cars.

According to the description, these cars have been sitting here for more than three decades and it looks like they have already lost the battle with mother nature and there are weeds growing thru the entire vehicle, some are even growing out of the dashboard.

Be that as it may, if you love old metal and appreciate the American Muscle car these are definitely worth checking out and who knows, maybe somebody will prove us wrong and get these cars in working condition, we would like nothing more than to be prove wrong when it comes to another classic getting back to the street.

Maybe you'll be interested ...

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