Finishing Project X, Seven for Seven in 2020?!?

Check this, Finishing Project X, Seven for Seven in 2020?!?

Sounds like something that should be too good to be true right?

Well it seems that it is actually doable and believe it or not The small tire Firebird from 6Sixty Street is doing just this.

This beast has won on the street on the track and literally every event it entered in the past (almost) two months and has never lost, that is truly an amazing thing to do and it must be incredibly demoralizing for the rest of the crews that show up to race against it.

 The fact that it is winning both on the track and on the street is even mora amazing because we all know that it takes a lot of skill to pull this off, switching the setup from street to track and still being able to beat the competition.

Check out the rest of the news that Sim has for us in his new episode of Street Race Talk.

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