Why THE 405 is Not Racing in Street Outlaws Fastest In America!

Check this, Why THE 405 is Not Racing in Street Outlaws Fastest In America!

That is probably the biggest question that we have all asked as soon as we found out that the best of the best, are not going to be competing in a show that is called Fastest In America.

The very tittle of this confused us, because these guys have been proven over and over again to be the baddest street racing group out there, and after two years of No Prep they have now grabbed this tittle as well.

The famous 405 list is filled with cars which are way faster than the rest of the competitors out there and it is a real shame to not see them go against the fastest from all over the US if nothing just to see how much faster the 405 is.

So sit back and let’s hear it from Sim who’s here to tell us why the baddest racers are not joining this race.

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8 thoughts on “Why THE 405 is Not Racing in Street Outlaws Fastest In America!

  1. 405 could have been there. I dont buy that they wouldn’t have enough time. They’ve always said they would race anytime, anywhere. I mean this is the biggest street race ever, and they’re the best street racers in the world?? I dont agree that they would win this event hands down. Texas, Detroit, or NOLA would give em all they wanted at this point. I’m not saying the 405 wouldn’t be the favorite, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t win it. Itll surprise me if Memphis wins it. I enjoy watching some of the first episodes of street outlaws when they went out and tested at night, and raced for pride and to be #1. Imo the show has gotten worse. Memphis has gotten to where its JJ and the girls. All I’ve seen is dough boys old lady all over the screen. I’m glad she’s lost weight and all, but geez.

  2. How can you call yourself the fastest street racer when you only invited 8 teams. When there many more teams that weren’t invited like the 405. Not only that why did the 8 teams have to race each other and JJ team only raced one team. It seem like JJ team just sat back on there ass where the other team ran there multi times and fixing there cars To be able to stay in the race. To be fair to see which team is the fastest he should of put his team in the line up. Then when it came down to The last 2 teams then you would know which team is the fastest street racer .

  3. Dam straight they would’ve made it pass the first round that’s why they sat on there buds and waited for the other teams to beat up their cars to get there and he’s team just goes 1 round good job jj that’s the fastest in America right J?

  4. You’ve got to be kidding me, the fastest c’mon memphis had a 50-50 shot to win it all right from jump street. Everyone had to race to earn their spot, not memphis though. Where was the 405 without them I say the tournament is not valid. I race cars too, for that amount of money excuses aside they would have shown. The final a joke, you might have raced on a gravel road. jj da boss showed discovery all about being hustled.

  5. Agreed. I for one am tired of the MSO show because you know what the outcome is gonna be. The 405, NOLA or Texas would win a match against the MSO any day especially with a flashlight start and a non-scripted show with no cameras rolling. I think half this stuff is staged, i.e., some of these cars the MSO race on their show don’t even look like their bottles are turned on or they leave late on purpose…just sayin’.

  6. Some of you think that JJ pulled $100K out of his pocket and set up this whole event. Heck he couldn’t even come up with $5K when MSO went to the 405 streets to race. Obviously the format was chosen by the producer and the money was put up by sponsors. Should the 405 been invited? Sure they should, but I doubt that JJ had anything to do with that. The producer did what he thought the fans wanted to see. ALL of these shows are scripted !! How can you be so naïve to say that one show is scripted and that another is authentic? One last thing, and I like the 405, but those guys hate each other except when they race as a team. On List Night they treat each other like crap and talk about each other behind their backs. It is what it is, but I don’t care for that. Perhaps that’s just part of the script too.

  7. I’m a woman in my early 80’s and I always watched Street Outlaws because that’s what we did in high school, before class started and we also went to the ‘strip” every weekend (yeah, it’s been going on that long!). I’m very disappointed that Oklahoma is no longer on TV…Memphis just isn’t the same. When is the 405 returning to TV?

  8. Boy there’s a lot of haters out there on j.j. more people should be like Jay Jay and the Outlaws the world would be a better place bunch of haters#Kumite

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