Jeff Lutz From Street Outlaws 405 is Getting His Own Show!!!

Check this news, Jeff Lutz From Street Outlaws 405 is Getting His Own Show!!!

Before we get to the main topic, Sim tells us that this year Big Chief is not going to be attending the 5th annual Outlaw Armageddon which is to be held at the Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Noble Oklahoma, and that is quite the surprise since here we have the guy who is at the top of the list in the 405, not racing in the top 405 event.

Amongst the reasons for this is the fact that his promod which has been raced in an actual NHRA event will actually be banned from the track while in the meantime somebody who did not even compete will be able to bring his to the track.

The most important topic though is that Jeff Lutz might be getting his own show and that is really a big deal for this very famous racer, so play the video and let Sim tell you what is what on this topic.


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7 thoughts on “Jeff Lutz From Street Outlaws 405 is Getting His Own Show!!!

  1. JJ da man, but I won’t be watching 405 as long as that bald headed bastard Chuck continues to Spit on his competitors! I’ll hang with JJ !

  2. You all think Big Chief sucks but he will hand JJ’s asked to him at any given moment and as far as Jeff Lutz having his own show and you guys pushing things to the Limit if it wasn’t for Big Chief and Murder Nova and daddy Dave I don’t think that that show what a cat gone it took the 405 sorry for you guys I didn’t mention to make things happen

  3. Sorry for my reply that’s what happens when you talk into devices but what it all comes down to is if it wasn’t for Big Chief and Murder Nova daddy Dave Chuck and the rest of the 405 kamikaze there would have never been a show for television me myself I think that Big Chief will spank Lutz ass at any given moment if they were to go head-to-head JJ the boss will have his ass handed to him anytime to 405 comes to them

  4. Big Chief, Murder Nova & Daddy Dave & the rest of the 405 Team:
    We pretty much got to where we quit watching drag racing but then Street Outlaws come along. We know that you have heard a million times that someone is your #1 fan, but we truly are. Jj & his cheerleaders are ok but from our point of view no one tops the 405. We will stand by any decision y’all make! Hopefully someday my wife & I will come out to OKC watch and y’all live. Keep on bustin a**es we love it!! Can’t wait till next episode!! 405 will always number 1.

  5. Tell Lutz the piece of shit con artist that Tom Heatley wants the rest of my parts he stole from me back and the money he scammed me our of for his hacked work.

    1. Ditto on the comment about Jeff Lutz stealing parts and doing hack jobs when he was a regular working guy…..but the man who helps him with his builds is no better….Jeff Thompson….as big a POS as Lutz! And Lutz borrowed money to build his garage and never paid him back. POS getting rich. DON’T WATCH HIM!!!

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