Farmtruck First Look at the “Walker Wagon”!!!

Check this, Farmtruck First Look at the “Walker Wagon”!!!

We all know them from the popular TV Show Street Outlaws because that’s where this duo got discovered and has been featured in all sorts of different things since.

Yes, we are talking about Farmtruck and AZN a duo that although is not racing for the list anymore, they stayed on the show providing entertainment and much needed R&R in between races.

These guys are always finding ways to cheer up their teammates from the 405 and think of fun activities which help the 405 stay a close team aside from their constant competition for the top of the list.

This time they are getting their first glimpse of the “WALKER WAGON”, and as always this does not go without some crazy and funny situations and incredibly innovative ways to unhook the straps from the suspension of the car.

However, that is just the beginning, check out the video and see what else is featured in it.

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