A Hemi ‘Cuda Left Rotting in the Backyard?!

Check this, A Hemi ‘Cuda Left Rotting in the Backyard?!

Usually when we bring you a video like this one the car is a barn find, however, since this car was actually on a cover of a magazine as is it cannot be considered a barn find, but it surely is a find and bear with us and the author of the video he will explain it to us.

Mopar Collector’s Guide featured this car in their May 2022 edition and this was the reason the car got some hype, so many started wandering where is the exact location of the car.

The author of the video performed some extensive research after noticing a certain type of stadium lighting in the corner of the picture and from there he managed to use google street view and google earth and actually find the car and the yard that it was sitting in.

Once he had the location everything was much easier and since the owner of the car was glad to show it to him, here we are with one of the better-preserved 1970 HEMI CUDAs out there with real racing history under that shaker hood.

The fact that this car has a four-speed transmission and is fed by a Hilborn injection system is only the tip of the iceberg because this was a car that was taken to the track and raced, so it checks the box of real racing history, and that is amazing in everybody’s book.

The owner has had it for quite a while and is apparently reluctant to let it go because we all know he is hoping to get it back on the road again at some point, and maybe even take it racing, who knows?

Whatever the future might hold for this well-preserved 1970 HEMI CUDA, we thought that you should take a look at it and enjoy an awesome real Mopar classic.

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