Drag Racing WRECKS & Wild Rides Compilation 2022!

Take a look at this, Drag Racing WRECKS & Wild Rides Compilation 2022!

We once again have the opportunity to look back at 2022 and see the craziest wrecks and the craziest rides that the drivers did not sign up on, but hey that is racing, you can never know what exactly is going to happen once you let go of that trans-brake button right?

As a matter of fact, some of these guys did not even get to fill out the entire procedure and get to the trans-brake button, and yet they managed to end up with a mangled car and a very interesting story to tell.

While the first video has us baffled, the second one is soon to follow and the main thing that both videos have in common is the fact that both of these crashes happened because of vehicle failure, instead of drivers driving away from their talent too fast.

You see, the first video has one of the shortest passes because from the angle that this thing is filmed, it looks like the Fox-body Mustang barely got passed the Christmas tree before the car suddenly jerked to the right so fast, that the driver had no time to react and all he could do is hold on for the ride.

The reason we say it is a part failure is clear, such a sudden jolt to any direction is usually caused by one of the tires having huge amounts of grip, while the other has none of it, causing the vehicle to rotate so fast, that nobody is able to catch it and recover it before it hits the wall.

We have e similar situation in the second video where the car also has trouble but of a different sort, so in order for us not to spoil the fun, we will let you watch the video and find out for yourself what happened, check it out.

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