The Most INTENSE Street Outlaws Moments From Season 6!

Take a look at The Most INTENSE Street Outlaws Moments From Season 6!

From list shakeups to friends going their separate ways, the Street Outlaws season 6 was one of the craziest so far.

There have been many memorable events during the sixth season of the Street Outlaws and we have enjoyed nearly all of them. We say nearly all of them because this is also the season when Doc Love had a huge crash that destroyed the Street Beast and ended his run up the list.

He was racing Big Chief and from the beginning of the race, it was obvious that Doc had some problems with the street beast after it propped on its rear wheels picking up the front end clean off the ground, while Big Chief is putting down the power and getting a few cars ahead of him.

After the crash he was seriously shaken up, however, he was able to stand up which was great news once we saw him out of the car and on his two feet.

The accident shook everybody to their core however since Big Chief was in the other lane right next to Doc, it appeared that this incident got to him more than the others and it was obvious that he was extremely worried for his friend.

The other extremely bad thing that happened during this season is the crash that Kamikaze Chris had in the famous El Camino during the race against Damon when he hit the staff cars and the concrete barriers at nearly full speed.

While Chris was able to walk out of that terrible crash, it was obvious that the scars are more emotional than physical after realizing that he crashed the famous Elco that was owned by their best friend Chip who is no longer with us.

So check out this video and watch the best of the best from season 6.


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