Testing Street Shocker on small tires for the first time ever prepping for Mega Cash Days!

Check this, Testing Street Shocker on small tires for the first time ever prepping for Mega Cash Days!

Our continuous coverage of the cars that are getting ready for the Mega Cash Days event brings us to one of the most successful street racers out there, Kye Kelley, and his Street Shocker.

As we all know, the original Shocker got destroyed by David Gates back when these guys were filming America’s List, and since David’s car was still a hit-and-miss at the time, Kye Kelley decided that in order to have more team NOLA drivers on the list, David will qualify using The Shocker.

The reasoning behind this was that the Shocker always goes straight so David should have no trouble getting in the event behind the wheel of Kye’s car. In their mind, all he needed was a test pass to get used to the car.

Unfortunately, this is where it all went wrong.

Since these guys were in a hurry they skipped one of the most important parts of every street pass, walking the road that they are about to send down their car.

Have they done this, they would have seen the tree sap that was down the road that caused the Shocker to lose traction extremely fast and take a dive off the road, where it rolled numerous times.

This is why Kye Kelley is getting the Street Shocker ready for the brand new small tire event, and he is here at the track trying to test the car before they can head down to California and line up against the competition.

As with all new cars, this test session does not go as smoothly as they would want it to go, however after a few parts being changed, these guys will still be able to get a few passes down the track, so check out the video and see first hand how fast Kye’s new Shocker is.


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