Going To Race On The Streets For Mega Cash Days and Can’t Believe This Is Happening!

Take a look at this, Going To Race On The Streets For Mega Cash Days and Can’t Believe This Is Happening! 

It is always interesting to see these racers excited about something, especially when it comes to small-tire street cars, after driving an entire season at the track for the No Prep Kings Championship.

As we have already informed you, Justin Swanstrom is one of the top five finishers from the No Prep Kings who have decided to build a brand new small tire car for the streets and the next edition of the Mega Cash Days that have been put together by Chris Boosted Hamilton.

While the pot is huge as always, it seems that these guys have some extra motivation for this event, and like we said they are extremely excited about their cars getting ready for the race.

We join the Swan Gang as Justin makes a few passes on the track before they load up the car and head west to California where the event is being held and where all the other competitors from the other crews are already waiting for him to show up with the brand new car.

In the previous video we have shown you the brand new edition to the Swan Gang, the Fox-body type Mustang aptly named Alimony, which derives its power from a nitrous-fed engine, one of the simplest and cheapest ways to get more power from an engine.

From what we have seen, many of the racers decided to go with this combination since there is a huge difference between making huge amounts of power, and being able to put that power down to the ground and to some good use.

Since this event is a small tire event, this means that a nitrous-powered engine might be all you need in order to max out the power that those small tires can put to the ground, so check out Justin’s passes and see how “Alimony” puts down power.

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