A Race with a $43K on the line Tricia vs Nate Schaloach Street Outlaws Memphis!!!

Check this, A Race with a $43K on the line Tricia vs Nate Schaloach Street Outlaws Memphis!!!

It all started after Dennis Bailey went off the road in his car named “Silverback Gorilla” which luckily he walked out of, however the car had some significant damage to it.

As a result of the crash, JJ Da Boss decided that he is going to put all the cash that his team won in this Cash Days event towards fixing the “Silverback Gorilla”.

This meant that in the next few races these guys will be betting all the money that the West Coast team will be able to put up for their drivers.

Pretty soon, these guys had a few races rounded up with some serious cash.

The first race of the trailer featured Precious in the right lane against Alejandro Sanchez in the left with a pot of $11 000. If you think that is brave, Precious even agreed to race with no nitrous on.

So Alex got a lane choice and a bump choice for his $6 000 which in fairness was not a bad deal at all.

To make it even better for the West Coast guys, they decided that Big Chief will flag the race to make sure no tricks are being played by JJ Da Boss.

Next up on the Memphis team was to get Tricia and Nate Schaloach side by side and they started giving the West Coast guys some serious advantages just to get him to race.

Pretty soon, Bodie got in on the action and tempers flared up again so before you know it, the pot had jumped to $43 000. Remember the entire prize for the winner of these cash days is $16 000 so this is the actual finale before the finale.

With Nate choosing the right-hand lane, these guys are ready to go, so check out the video and see who is driving away with all that money in their pocket, as well as the bragging rights.

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