Chuck Seitsinger’s New NPK Car set to debut at No Prep Kings Virginia!!!

Check this, Chuck Seitsinger’s New NPK Car set to debut at No Prep Kings Virginia!!!

For years now, we have gotten used to seeing Chuck Seitsinger behind the wheel of the Death Trap and over the years we can say that these two have been good to each other.

Chuck has managed to keep the Death Trap in pristine condition, well not counting that time when he rubbed the wall in 2016 at the Redemption 6.0 event while racing The Godfather, and the Death Trap has not snapped sideways too violently for Chuck not to be able to stay in control.

All in all, a very good cooperation between these two.

As it is with all of these things sometimes even the great friends must part and this time it seems that Chuck is going to be driving his last few miles behind the wheel of the Death Trap during the next No Prep Kings event.

The reason for this is pretty simple. Chuck is feeling that he is no longer competitive with the car and thus he has decided to get a new one.

While the Death Trap has been pretty decently powered for the streets, during the No Prep Kings Championship, it has been showing that it might do better with more power than the one that the 421ci small-block Chevy coupled with the two 80mm turbos can provide.

While it might surprise you, Chuck is not actually going to be building a brand new car for No Prep Kings, as many have done before, instead, he will be driving a vehicle that many of us have already seen before.

This car has been in the spotlight with a different driver behind the wheel and of course different owners.

So check out this video which brings you more information about the car, and see what we are talking about, and maybe you can remember seeing this car before, enjoy.

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