Abandoned Drag and Rare Muscle Cars in Junkyard Across USA!

Abandoned Drag and Rare Muscle Cars in Junkyard Across USA!

They say each car has a story to tell and some have more than others or they are at least more captivating.

Such must be the case with race cars, since although as you know they only have a few thousand miles on their odometer, most of them were driven at full throttle racing against their opponents that are trying to get every atom of power from their engines as well.
So where do they go after their racing careers?

Well the lucky ones get to sit in a museum of sorts and remind people of their success and all the pedestals that they have climbed through their life. The marginally less lucky are stowed away in a garage where they get a dust off once every few years and some TLC.

But the ones that have no luck at all, are left and abandoned in junkyards across the states like this one in a middle of a forest where they are left to fight a losing battle with Mother Nature.

The video bellow will show you the last in line, watch the video and tell us in the comment section, if you are given a choice to bring one back to life, which one would you pick?

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One thought on “Abandoned Drag and Rare Muscle Cars in Junkyard Across USA!

  1. absolutely mind-bogglingif I had a choice I would take the 70 RT Charger or Cuda or Super Bee or any of the mopars. Though my dream car is the 69 Daytona I would love to have one of these that I could bond with my grandson and maybe we could go to car cruises or shows and maybe show him what it is like to have one of these cars like I have all my younger years.

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