All of Kye Kelley Cars are ILLEGAL??

What do you think, All of Kye Kelley Cars are ILLEGAL??

The world of racing can be filled with controversy and accusations, and recently, a video was posted online claiming that all of a particular driver’s cars were illegal due to their wheelbase modifications. The driver in question has since responded, stating that the accusations are false and that their cars have always adhered to the rules set by the No Prep Kings organization.

The driver begins by explaining that their original “Shocker” car had a 101-inch wheelbase, which is within the regulations set by No Prep Kings. They go on to say that the motor was originally located under the dash, but they moved it four inches forward to improve the car’s performance. They also built a new car called “Show Stopper” with a 112-inch wheelbase, which was the maximum allowed by the rules at the time.

Regarding a more recent car, the driver admits that they brought out a car halfway through the season that did not meet their expectations, and that they ultimately sold the car and it is no longer in use. They state that the car was wider than they wanted and that the quarter panels had been stretched out, making it unsuitable for their needs.

The driver then moves on to their current car, “Jingling,” and explains that it is a 100% OEM Regal body with a VFN front cap and VFN doors built to match the OEM car. They state that the car’s trunk area was raised about an inch and a half to fit a 34-inch tire, which is a modification that many other racers also make. They clarify that the car’s quarter panels were not stretched, but rather modified to fit the tire while still adhering to the No Prep Kings rules.

The driver concludes by stating that they have always tried to follow the rules set by No Prep Kings and that they work hard to maintain and improve their cars. They note that there are many other racers who make similar modifications to their cars in order to comply with the rules, and that they have achieved success through their hard work and dedication.

While the racing community can sometimes be divisive, it is important to remember that everyone is simply trying to do their best and pursue their passion. Accusations and rumors can be damaging, but clear communication and adherence to the rules can help to alleviate any misunderstandings or controversies.

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