Ambulance Called After Ziptie Flips 8 Times In Horror Crash Street Outlaws Memphis!!!

Check this, Ambulance Called After Car Flips 8 Times In Horror Crash Street Outlaws Memphis!!!

Once again we have some bad news for you guys and once again we are happy to tell you that although the car flipped for seven on eight times, the driver was able to walk out of it and walk back to the starting line.

Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about Ziptie, the legendary car that we saw Big Chief’s girlfriend Jackie drive the other day has been rolled over by her regular driver, Precious.

It all starts at the calls out where Stevie Croom with his Green Lantern Mustang from South Carolina calls out Precious from the Memphis crew out on a race in her Ziptie and he has a special way to get her to bet.

Apparently, Stevie has been planning this race in advance because he had the thousand dollars in cash tied down with a couple of zip ties which he pulled out in order to bet them against Ziptie, now that is an elaborate kind of bet if we ever saw one.

The race, however, does not go as planned for nobody, and unfortunately right after JJ Da Boss drops his arms and both drivers let go of the trans brake button, both cars get out of shape and they both start sliding all over the place, unable to put the power down.

In the whole drift fest that ensues, Stevie drifts into the left lane which Precious and Ziptie are already occupying and in order to prevent a crash between the cars, Precious moves over to the left.

Little did she know that she moved too far over, causing her car to slide off the road and within a second start barrel rolling for seven or eight times, a really nasty accident.

To check out what happened next and how the whole thing went down, as always check out the video. 

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