Big Chief’s Big Announcement – New Street Outlaws Build Show!!!

Take a look at this, Big Chief’s Big Announcement – New Street Outlaws Build Show!!!

It is that time of the week when we get to hear the best news that is happening in the world of street racing and there is no better place to do it than Sim’s YouTube channel called Sim ABCXYZ.

It appears that as always Sim is not planning on disappointing us so he is bringing us some great news that includes a brand new show by the same guys that brought us Street Outlaws.

While all the drivers are telling us on their social networks about how big this show will be, many of them are not even telling us what to expect or to look for. Even Sim was expecting some sort of mega race like the Mega Cash Days event which was turned into an entire series showing us the whole race, and instead, we might be getting something not exactly what we expected.

According to Sim, all the big names in street racing were flown out to Vegas where he thinks they filmed the initial episode of the brand new street racing series, which was supposedly the introduction to the whole show.

With names like Big Chief and Jackie, Ryan Martin, Jeff Lutz, JJ Da Boss, and the famous couple Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi, and many more that Sim is not one hundred percent sure about, there is obviously something brewing and we cannot wait to see what the whole deal is about.

There is however more information to as what the whole deal is because according to what Sim has found out, this will be a build show instead of a mega race like we mentioned and we are not sure as to how this will all work out, will these guys be racing or just building?

To find out what exactly these guys have in store for us as always check out Sim’s video and find out.

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One thought on “Big Chief’s Big Announcement – New Street Outlaws Build Show!!!

  1. Talking about Farmtruck and Azin. I’d like to see all the big names build a street legal, run everyday car that they race against each other to see what modifications they did to it. Back in 1970, I did some work for a retired Chrysler engineer who decided that my 68 383 Roadrunner needed to run faster and he dug through his pile of racing stuff and put together parts to build my motor into a monster that ate almost anything on the street except a few built Hemis and SS-454s and I’d get them in the 1/8th. Plus that thing was stupid fast on the top end. I mean I outran a California Highway Patrolman, although I didn’t know he was chasing me until I had stopped for gas and use the bathroom. He was really upset that I had walked away from him when he was doing 148 MPH. Damn I loved that car. I made a ton of money streetracing that thing on the So.Cal streets.

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