Driver Stretchered Away After Horror Crash Knocks Him Unconscious on Street Outlaws!!!

Take a look at this, Driver Stretchered Away After Horror Crash Knocks Him Unconscious on Street Outlaws!!!

There will be plenty of time to discuss how it all went wrong, so the first thing that we would like to say to you is that the driver is OK and he will be racing another day pretty soon.

We are once again on the streets where the 405 are trying to find out what they can do differently to get these cars down this terrible patch of road that has been giving them tons of trouble for quite a while.

This time they are trying new things which are very different from what they are used to when it comes to racing on the street.

For example, we have Doc and The Street Beast, which is built to run on Nitrous in order to get more power, going down the road with the nitrous bottles turned off, something that these guys have been programmed not to forget to turn on before a race.

We have seen tons of races where the excitement gets the best of the crew chiefs and they forget to turn the bottles on, leaving the car to run just on motor not producing nearly enough power and losing the race.

This time Doc is doing it on purpose in order to be able to get down the road faster than his competitors and believe it or not it works in one of the races as he leaves Jeff Lutz in the dust.

However, as the title is telling us, this might not do the trick the second time and unfortunately, he ends up rolling the car so bad that he ends up unconscious for a second, and has to be taken away on a stretcher to get checked out.

So check out the video and see how it all goes down and should he have listened to Ryan’s advice about aborting the run as soon as he touches the grass.

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