Chevy Wagon rips HUGE Wheelies & WINS..This thing is SICK!!!

Take a look at this, Chevy Wagon rips HUGE Wheelies & WINS..This thing is SICK!!!

To be able to witness such an amazing run by this Chevy Wagon is a real treat for the day, to find out that this is just the third pass of the car, well that’s in the lines of a real delicacy.

Making matters more interesting is of course the fact that this is a very special 1 of 638 Chevy Chevelle Malibu, and it has been nearly 35 years in the making.

Even the guy who owns and built this car was as he put it not entirely ready for that massive wheelie that he demonstrated on the starting line, due to the fact that on the second-ever run of this car which was on the day before he did not have all cylinders firing, literally.

He was initially actually happy with the run and the time he set yesterday until he was able to sit down and look at the data, only to find out that one of the cylinders was not firing due to a broken wire.

After checking all the wires on the injectors and removing the broken one the car was once again firing on all cylinders and well that was the reason for this incredible wheelie to happen which has made our day, as well as his by the smile on his face.

The power that is moving this two-door Chevy Chevelle Malibu is derived from a 378 cubic inch small block Chevy with two 76mm Precision turbos, capable of producing 1200 horsepower on the Dyno as well as these pretty big wheelies and according to the owner is a very basic setup.

With steel roof, steel doors, and steel quarters, this machine tips the scale at 2850 pounds with the driver, fuel, and most importantly the luggage rack is included.

So check out this amazing vehicle and see it go down the track against some fierce competition.

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