First Hits With The OG Murder Nova’s New Chassis and Procharger Setup!!!

Take a look at this, First Hits With The OG Murder Nova’s New Chassis and Procharger Setup!!!

A couple of days ago we showed you the video about the Murder Nova getting a brand new chassis and a bunch of upgrades at DMC Racing in Halifax Massachusetts, however, we did not share much news about what was obvious in the video.

There has been a major change in the way that the Murder Nova is now producing power and that is of course a Procharger setup.

Yes, apparently Shawn Ellington has been following the footsteps of his friends Daddy Dave and Ryan Martin and has switched the Murder Nova to what seems to be the most popular setup these days amongst cars that have won a No Prep Kings event, the Procharger.

As we have seen so far in the last video, these guys were convinced that the Murder Nova made the best passes it can make with the twin-turbo setup and it was time that they switched to something different.

As you are about to see, the car looks much faster than before and the 1.02 sixty-foot time has already beaten the best that the old car could put down, in the shakedown process, which is great news and is also something that Shawn and Phantom can start working from as they tweak the engine and the chassis and start fine-tuning the car.

There is much work needed to be done we are sure however at the same time we are sure that these two are the ones that can do it, as they battle the little quirks and problems that will keep popping up in the near future, which is a common thing for a car with a huge update like this one.

So check out the video so you can hear and see for yourself what is yet to come as these guys put the hammer down.

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