Street Race Goes Horribly Wrong, Racer Loses Another Racecar!!!

Check this, Street Race Goes Horribly Wrong, Racer Loses Another Racecar!!!

From what the racers were seeing, this was a very good road that could take some power and it was wide enough for a good race and had even been raced on quite a lot so everybody was expecting a great race night.

Unfortunately, since racing is unpredictable as it always is the event was halted due to a pretty nasty crash which luckily ended up with just a couple of damaged vehicles and no injuries in either car.

Yes, that tells us that there were two cars involved in the accident.

The Malibu that was in the right-hand lane was off to a good start, however, after a second it started getting sideways and ended up in the wrong lane, with the truck coming straight at it like a missile.

The power of the crash combined with the angle that the Malibu was sitting at in the wrong lane pushed the truck out of its trajectory and off the road where it rolled, causing some serious damage but like we already said no injuring the driver.

Nick from Hustlin’ Horsepower, is the driver of the truck which was not at fault in this racing incident, was so unlucky that this is the second car that he lost due to a crash in the same year and we do feel bad for him, but at the same time we are happy that he has not sustained any injuries, which is the most important thing in this sport.

We are sure that Nick is going to find a way to get thru this and somehow get himself back to racing because that’s what these guys do, battle with hard times and get back stronger than before.

Check out this video and see what actually happened and how much worse it could have been.

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