Possible Changes to Weight Rules for No Prep Kings Season 5 & Turbo vs Procharger!!!!!!!!!

Check this, Possible Changes to Weight Rules for No Prep Kings Season 5 & Turbo vs Procharger!!!!

Those that were paying close attention to the way some cars were constructed have managed to sum up this past fourth season of the No Prep Kings Championship into a very interesting classification when it comes to the way the power is produced by an engine.

While we have already talked about this mid-season it is good to know the end result once the season is over, and it appears that what we were noticing in the middle of the season turned out to be more than just luck or a current trend.

Back then we talked about how the Procharger cars seem to be the ones that collected most of the wins so far and we now realize that this trend continued across the board during the rest of the season.

The different power adders allowed for different weight class rules for the cars and the Procharger-Hemi combo turned out to be the best one suited for the win.

This meant that the Procharged Hemi combination will be responsible for collecting 9 wins, more than any different combo, with the nitrous cars being able to celebrate three times during the season (yes all three times with a Musi engine), while the three other types of engine combos managed to grab a win each.

For some this would mean that the rulebook is about to get some serious tweaks to it making the twin-turbo cars lighter, thus they will end up being faster and will be able to provide for better competition during the next fifth season.

The alternative to this would be a season where most of the racers will be driving procharged cars to stay competitive, making the championship a bit dull.

To find out more about these changes check out the video and see what changes might be coming next year.

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