Daddy Dave vs All at Last No Prep Kings Weekend for this Season in Bradenton Florida!!

Check this, Daddy Dave vs All at Last No Prep Kings Weekend for this Season in Bradenton Florida!!

As you all know by now, Bradenton Motorsport Park was “invaded” by the No Prep Kings caravan as it was the final race of the fourth season.

Amongst those who shined at this event was surely Daddy Dave who missed a few races after the crash that he had at the Georgia No Prep event.

The title sure tells us that Daddy Dave had a good visit to Florida where he raced a few races putting down some great times in all of them.

Long gone are the days when Daddy Dave’s Goliath was troubled by the twin-turbo setup which Dave never managed to actually put a good grip on, instead, he is using the brand new procharger to the very best of its abilities, getting it to produce tons of power and managing to put all that power to the surface.

The first opponent that Dave lines up against is the twin-turbo Mustang AKA Game Changer, a car, and driver combo, that is trying to prove to Dave and the rest that the twin-turbo cars have much more to give in these types of races and that maybe, just maybe he knows something about the twin-turbo cars that Daddy Dave never learned.

Bobby Ducote’s Nitrous Trans Am, Mike Bowman’s procharged Chevelle, and no other than the winner of the first-ever No Prep Kings Championship Birdman are amongst the other racers that are here to ruin Daddy Dave’s day.

They all line up against him one after another trying to get the better of him and show him that his break from the races might have been a little bit too long and that he or the Goliath will not be as fast after the Georgia crash.

Will they be successful or will Daddy Dave prove them wrong?

As always watch the video and find out.

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