Street Outlaws NPK 2021 – Daddy Dave and Jerry Bird FIGHT??

What’s this, Street Outlaws NPK 2021 – Daddy Dave and Jerry Bird FIGHT??

If there was any doubt about whether there is bad blood between Jerry Bird and the rest of the 405 guys, where now there is absolutely none.

You see, during the previous street races that these guys have met on Jerry Bird has talked over and over again about how the 405 changes their rules in order to play their games when it came to accepting a challenge.

On the other hand, however, Daddy Dave claims that he never treated Jerry with nothing but respect, or as he put it he never did him dirty.

Well, be that as it may, it is obvious that this time it was Jerry who did Dave dirty and took a guess on the light.

Shawn Murder Nova Ellington, Jerry Monza, and the rest of the 405 crew that were standing on the starting line could not believe that Jerry did not go red, because they were sure that he jumped the light.

The problem with the whole situation for them was the fact that although Jerry did jump the light, the car did not move far enough to cut the beam before the light turned green. If this race was on the street Jerry would have been disqualified because you can see that the car squats before the green light is on, however, we are not on the street and according to the equipment, this is not a jump, just a perfect guess.

Of course, Daddy Dave is not happy at all with the turnout of the situation so after the race there are some words exchanged and normally they both think that they are right to do so, however, how far will this escalate the situation is a different matter.

So check out the video and see what happened at the starting line, as well as the finish line on this dramatic race.

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