What’s Going On With Big Chief’s Famous Street Outlaws “The Crow”!?

Take a look at this, What’s Going On With Big Chief’s Famous Street Outlaws “The Crow”!?

We catch up with Big Chief and Jackie as Chief in their garage as he works on his Butler Pontiac engine and starts telling jokes.

Well, while we wait for his stand-up comedy career to pick up, Big Chief explains how small tire cars have a different way of installing an engine as opposed to a big tire car, one of the many things that we are going to learn from this video is that he is using the same setup to lift the engine and install it in different types of vehicle.

Some real-life hacks here folks, so you better listen carefully.

Once again Big Chief touches the subject of surface as he talks about how they got used to their local type of road and once again he has mentioned that his goal is to have his car and the cars of his crew are able to go down any type of surface.

As you might remember, the lack of consistency in the surface, followed by the terrible levels of grip had almost the entire 405 team lose most of the races in the Mega Cash Days due to these conditions.

We all know that while he was able to do some No Prep Kings races in the third season, Big Chief loves that street and he designed his car to be the best car on the street and to prove that, next year we will be seeing them on all different types of street races.

This is always great news because we know that his fans love seeing him on street races and this means that they will be able to do so more than ever.

So check out the video and see as Big Chief installs the engine and gives away a few secrets here and there about working on race cars.

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