Street Outlaws Justin Swanstrom’s New 1969 Camaro build for No Prep Kings Season 5!

Check this, Street Outlaws Justin Swanstrom’s New 1969 Camaro build for No Prep Kings Season 5!

While Ryan Martin managed to take the No Prep Kings Championship for the second time in a row, there is no doubt that this year just like the others he had some major competition, a bunch of fast guys who did their best not to let this be a walk in the park.

We all expected for Kye Kelley to be one of those guys, however, many did not expect to see Justin Swanstrom AKA Lil Country to be amongst the top three competitors.

There is no doubt that his Lexus was often the fastest car on the property and he managed to grab a win and keep scoring points thru the entire championship.

As many have done before him he is now retiring the Prenup Lexus that he ran this year from the No Prep Kings Championship and it is going to have the same faith as the Fireball Camaro. Both of these cars are very fast cars that have been taken off the track and will not be used to terrorize the competition on the streets.

For the purpose of track racing No Prep Kings Championship, Lil Country decided to build a brand new 1969 Camaro, which hopefully will help him grab the title of the fifth season of the Championship.

That is of course if he manages to do so and take it from Ryan Martin and the guy that has been waiting for it for a while, Kye Kelley.

The Prenup Lexus was meant to be different than other cars, and as we all know it is the only Lexus in this competition, the 1969 Camaro on the other hand has a better ring to it for most of the audience.

So check out the video and find out what Justin Lil Country Swanstrom is planning for next year. 

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