“Superchargers are Better Than Turbos” Says Experienced Internet Mechanic, Scotty Kilmer!

Check this, “Superchargers are Better Than Turbos” Says Experienced Internet Mechanic, Scotty Kilmer!

This battle has been going on for ages, and there we always be people that will fight for their way of compressing air into an engine, some will say a supercharger (blower) is better and some will say the best way to get more air into the lungs of the engine is the turbocharger.

First let remind ourselves what are the biggest differences.

The turbo charger is basically comprised of two different turbines on the same shaft, and one of them is being spun by the exhaust gasses on their way from the cylinders towards the atmosphere, and since they are on the same shaft, this spins the intake side and causes air to be compressed into the engine thru an intercooler.

The supercharger on the other hand is made out of two screws which are driven by the belt connected to the crankshaft and thus compressing air into the engine.

On first thought apparently the turbocharger is pulling ahead because of basic physics since it is not drawing any power from the engine in order to create boost, instead it uses the exhaust gasses that are on the way out anyways, while the supercharger pulls power from the engine in order to achieve boost.

But when it comes to aftermarket installation, all of a sudden the supercharger is picking up points for many things and here are a few of them.
They are much easier to install, they are less complex for tuning, they deliver the power instantly, unlike the turbochargers that need to spool up before they can achieve boost.

Yes some might defend the turbo with the fact that most of the manufacturers use turbo chargers in their vehicles and that is true but most of them have to meet fuel consumption standards, while when it comes to tuning vehicles the gas mileage is not at the top of the list as Scotty Kilmer tells us in the video bellow.

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