How to Build a Chevy Chevelle in a Day!

Check this, How to Build a Chevy Chevelle in a Day!

Yes, we read the title a few times before deciding it is not one of those click bait titles that frequent the internet about the incredible video you are about to watch only to prove once again that it was too good to begin with, and yes these guys are for real.

But as an educated car lover like yourself would guess, aside from only taking one day to build, these guys will be spending about $10 grand in order to fulfil the task not counting the stuff that the garage already was equipped with.

So could it be possible to make it from a beater Chevelle costing them about 3 grand all the way to something nobody would mind getting down the block in less than 24 hours or will the years of neglect that this Chevelle has put up with make the task impossible?

Well watch the video and find out for yourself.

Maybe you'll be interested ...

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